University Professor

 The University of Innsbruck invites applications for the position of

 University Professor

of Structure And Design – Konstruktion und Gestaltung

at the Institute of Designs/Structure and Design of the Faculty of Architecture to be filled at the earliest possible date. The position is a full time position and will be based on a three-years’ term civil-law employment contract acc. to § 99 (1) UG 2002 with the University.

Structure and Design is a relatively young area of expertise, which however, continues to gain significance due to its growing relevance, in which the spatial/architectural characteristics and structural qualities of forms or structures are studied simultaneously in the design process.


 The chair represents the subject of construction and design in research and teaching. The focus of research will be the investigation of the two closely related aspects of form or structure: The aspect of the spatial/architectural qualities of form or structure and the aspect of its immanent structural/constructional potential caused by the configuration and composition of building materials (matter) in space.

The future professor shall offer research-based courses in the faculty’s bachelor and master studies in the form of lectures which introduce students to the fundamentals of structure and design; as well as design projects and seminars on this subject, such as processes of form-finding, methods of realisation, form/construction/materials, etc.

 Qualification requirements

a) a pertinent degree in university higher education in Austria or the equivalent abroad;

b) professional qualification for architect or a related area of expertise

c)outstanding qualifications in teaching and research in the area of expertise demonstrated by projects and/or publications (a pertinent ‘Habilitation’ or  equivalent qualification (e.g. senior lectureship or associate professorship),

d) creativity and interest in interdisciplinary research

e) Applicants should have extensively explored, at the level of basic research, the relationship between form as a spatial/architectural element and form as a structural component, both with  analogue and digital methods of model studies

f) experience in integrating this knowledge in architectural designs and its implementation in actual projects

g) international experience in the relevant area of expertise

h) outstanding teaching ability

 i) leadership qualifications

Applications must reach us at the latest by August 16, 2012.

Please send to:

Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Fakultäten Servicestelle, Standort Technikerstraße 17, A-6020 Innsbruck (

The University of Innsbruck is committed to increasing the percentage of female employees especially in leading positions and therefore explicitly invites women to apply. In the case of equivalent qualifications, women will be given preference.

The basic salary is set down in the collective bargaining agreement for university employees. Professors are in the remuneration group A 1. For the position the monthly salary is 4.571,20 Euro per month (14 x). Depending on qualification and experience a higher salary can be a topic in the negotiations with the rector. Beyond that the university offers attractive additional benefits (

The application should at least include: curriculum vitae with a description of the scientific and professional career, list of scientific publications, copies of the five most important publications, list of scientific lectures and other scientific work, list of and description of completed research projects including funding bodies, total research grant and duration of project, description of completed and current research activities, concept of future research activities and the five most important publications. All application documents have to be submitted in digital form (CD, e-mail etc.). Hardcopy (paper) is optional.

The full, authoritative text in German (published in the official bulletin of the University of Innsbruck of July 18, 2012) as well as additional information on the current status of the application process may be found at:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Tilmann Märk

R e c t o r

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