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Rupert Maleczek
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senior scientist

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Rupert Maleczek, born 1975, received his Architectural diploma degree from the University of Innsbruck in 2007, and finalized his PhD-Thesis about “Linear Folded Stripes” in April 2014 with excellence.
Ruperts PhD-Thesis opened up a new research field in folding and architecture.
He’s research interests lie not only in the geometric constraints of stripe structures, but also in the architectural-, spatial- and structural properties of the possible structures. His research is also focused on the relation between form, structure and digital as well as physical production. These interests lead to numerous large-scale prototypes that were generated through coding and then digitally fabricated.

The last years he worked at the university of Innsbruck at the Institute of structure and design (koge) founded by Eda Schaur. During he’s time in Innsbruck, he was Organizer of several Conferences and is co- publisher and author of several books and publications.
In Innsbruk he was involved in a technique described as research driven education. Here the students work in close relation and in a constant exchange with a researcher in order to learn state of the art research findings. He restarted at the Institute of Design /unit koge (structure and design) as senior scientist on a post-doc position.

Besides he’s research in folded structures, he has an interest in mobile and deployable architecture, in lightweight structures, self-organizing processes, physical simulation, digital production as well as architectural geometry.

He is founder and publisher of, an architectural blog, mainly written in German, that had in his best times 60.000 unique visitors per month.
He is co-founder of the architectural collective “Archiwaste”, that is active in various fields, from folded structures to cardboard as building material.

Rupert presents his research all over the world, and publishes as main author as well as co-author with various partners He is leading workshops all over the world, for example at the Shape to Fabrication Conference, at the AA-Summer School in Ivrea or at the Design Modelling Symposium in Berlin.

Academic Career / Education

04/2014 Doctor of Science – PhD thesis entitled “Linear Folded Stripes”

Degree with excellence, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck, Austria

10/2009 – Scientific Assistant

Institute for Structure and Design, o. Univ. Prof. Dr.Ing. Eda Schaur, University of Innsbruck, Austria

05/2006 „Museum for modern art“ -Diploma – Thesis in Architecture

Degree with excellence, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Occupational Career

02/2014 - Senior Scientist

Institute of Design/ unit koge – structure and design, University of Innsbruck, Austria



LAAC Architects, Innsbruck Austria
10/2009 –10/2013 Scientific Assistant

Institute of Structure and Design, o. Univ. Prof. Dr.Ing. Eda Schaur, University of Innsbruck, Austria

10/2007 – 2/2008 Teaching

Institute of Structure and Design, o. Univ. Prof. Dr.Ing. Eda Schaur, University Innsbruck, Austria

05/2007 – 10/2009 Caramel Architects, Vienna
2000 – 2007 Freelancing

Renderings, competitions, studies, and small interior design projects for various offices and clients

Since 2006

An architectural blog mainly written in German

Scientific Publications

2015 Maleczek Rupert, Loriot fe Rouvray, Preisinger Clemens;
“Linear Double Folded Stripes″ , for IASS Conference 2015; Amsterdam
2015 Maleczek Rupert, Genevaux, Chloe; “Design Constraints for Linear folded stripes ″ , for International Journal of Space Structures, vol30, no2, 2015; ISSN 0266-3511
2014 Book :  “Form-Rule|Rule-Form 2013″ Günther H. Filz, Rupert Maleczek, Christian Scheiber (eds.) innsbruck university press (IUP), ISBN 978-3-902936-23-3
2014 Maleczek, Rupert; Grabner, Thomeas, Frick, Ursula; Cutellic Pierre;
Aggregation of Polyhedron modules on a double curved surface
for ICGG 2014, Innsbruck, Austria;
2014 Maleczek Rupert; „ Study on Deployable Linear Folded Stripe Structures“ for 6OSME, 2014, Tokyo, Japan;
2014 Grasser, Georg; Maleczek, Rupert; Filz, Guenther;
Selforganised folding with gravity and friction as guiding concept
for 6OSME, 2014, Tokyo;
2013 Maleczek, Rupert; Geneveaux, Chloe; Joyce Sam; “linear folded V-shaped stripes”, for „rethinking prototyping“ Proceedings Design ‚Modelling Symposium Berlin 2013(pp321-334), Berlin Germany
2013 Maleczek, Rupert; Geneveaux, Chloe; “Modular Deployable cells from linear folded stripes” for transformables2013, Seville, Spain
2013 Maleczek, Rupert: „Das Prinzip des Linear gefalteten Bandes“.In: Schaur, Eda; Filz, Günther; Hartmann, Manuel; Maleczek, Rupert; Mössmer, Gerhard; Sack, Florentine: Konstruktion und Gestaltung Neue Formwelten für Architektur. Innsbruck: innsbruck university press, ISBN 9783902811943, S. 176 – 193.
2012 Maleczek, Rupert;  Genevaux, Chloe;„open pre-defined linear folded stripe“,
Hesselgren, S. Sharma, J. Wallner, N. Baldassini, P. Bompas, & J. Rayaud, Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 (pp. 175-184). Paris, France: Springer.
2012 Maleczek, Rupert, Ladinig Johannes, Genevaux, Chloe;
mesh based stripes”; for IASS Conference 2012; Seoul
2011 Maleczek, Rupert;
Linear folded parallel stripe(s)”, In C. Gengnagel, A. Kilian, N. Palz, & F. Scheurer, Computational Design Modeling (pp. 153-160). Berlin: Springer.
2011 Maleczek, Rupert; Geneveaux, Chloe;
Open and closed linear Folded Stripes,
Taller,Longer,Lighter;IASS-IABSE Symposium, London  Full Paper accepted,

Scientific and Artistic Achievements / Exhibitions

2014 Folded cork –  exhibition design

for Negamat , Vives,  France June2013

2013 wooden folded parallel stripes – exhibition design

for Negamat , Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes,  France June2013

2013 Keramische Kostbarkeiten der Hafnerkunst -  exhibition design

Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck, Austria

2013 Wave – Welle   exhibition design, Gartenbauaustellung Messe Innsbruck
2012 CAST – exhibition design , Messe Insbruck, Innsbruck.
2012 AA Visiting School, Factory Futures
Olivetti Factory, Ivrea Italy
2011 Shape to Fabrication4

Robofold Office, London

2010 Exhibition Carton Plein!

Cite Chaillot, Paris.

2010 40 Jahr Feier Architekturfakultaet Innsbruck
Exhibition sculpture at Campus Universitaet Innsbruck

Scientific Community Services / Workshops

2014 6OSME, in Tokyo, Japan;


2013-2014 16th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, (ICGG 2014), Innsbruck, Austria, 04.08.2014 – 08.08.2014.

local organizing committee;

2013-2014 Symposium “form – rule | rule – form”, Innsbruck, Austria, 16.01.2014 – 17.01.2014.

Organizing committe

2013 Maleczek Rupert, Cutelic Pierre, Grabner Thomas, Frick Ursula; creation of the research cooperation for “self interlocking systems” with the ENSAPM, Paris;
2013 Symposium “form – rule | rule – form”, Innsbruck, Austria, 07.01.2013 – 12.01.2013.

Organizing committe

2012 Maleczek, Rupert, Rossi,Federico; Invitation to the AA Summer School, Ivrea, Italy, as Workshop leader
2012 Symposium “form – rule | rule – form”, Innsbruck, Austria, 17.01.2012 – 18.01.2012.

Organizing committe

2011 Maleczek, Rupert; Fisher, Al;Joyce, Sam;

Workshop leader  Shape to Fabrication 4, London, UK.

2012 Maleczek, Rupert; Filz Guenther; Form- Rule Symposium; Innsbruck

Organizing committe

Research Funding Projects

2011 –

Mai 2015

Wandelbare Freiformen

TWF Project ,As project leader

Other interests and Memberships

Since 2012 Member oft the Origami research group at IASS’
Structural Morphology Group (SMG).
Since 2011 Member of IASS,
Since 2003 Co Founder of the collective Archiwaste
Since 2005 Founder of
Languages German

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